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Average climate in Israel
Record in israel
Average rain in tel aviv and Israel
Average rain in tel aviv and Israel

Precipitation data courtesy of the Israeli Meteorological Service Snylkhu Statistical Abstract of Israel - CBS
Average rainfall amounts around the country in millimeters (mm) - precipitation in Israel, standard climatic averages of rainfall (in mm) for the period 1961-1990 was published by the Meteorological Service 1990
September precipitation amounts

Prime be called Nahariya 1.2 0.8 0.9 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 0.2 0.8 2.3 charged Jerusalem Meron 0.4 0.4 0.3 Beersheba Kfar Blum Daphne 0.3 0.4 0.2 Degania Tirat Zvi Eilat 0.0 0.2

October precipitation amounts

Prime be called Nahariya 35 37 31 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 24 34 22 collected Jerusalem Meron 31 18 Beer Sheva 7 Daphne 25 Kfar Blum 22 Deganya 17 Tirat Zvi Eilat 3 12

November precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 90 89 69 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 74 78 61 Meron charge of Jerusalem 59 94 Beer Sheva 20 Daphne 76 Kfar Blum 64 Deganya 50 Tirat Zvi 35 Eilat 4

December precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 146 142 146 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 138 133 110 collected Jerusalem Meron 192 Beer Sheva 44 107 Daphne 129 Kfar Blum 107 Deganya 87 Tirat Zvi Eilat 6 60

January precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 155 143 133 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 149 125 123 collected Jerusalem Meron 230 Beer Sheva 52 134 143 Daphne Kfar Blum 122 Deganya 1993 Tirat Zvi Eilat 5 62

February precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 107 100 86 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport in 1997 collected 80 86 182 Jerusalem Meron Beer Sheva 37 112 Daphne 115 Kfar Blum in 1995 Deganya 45 69 Tirat Zvi Eilat 5

March precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 67 65 48 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 62 51 52 Meron charge of Jerusalem 91 134 Beer Sheva 27 Daphne 89 Kfar Blum 74 Deganya 56 Tirat Zvi 39 Eilat 4

April precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 34 30 22 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 74 19 24 Meron charge of Jerusalem 29 57 Beer Sheva 14 Daphne 42 Kfar Blum 31 Deganya 30 Tirat Zvi Eilat 3 15

May precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 4.7 3.4 4.4 Tel Aviv, Haifa Airport 3.1 3.0 1.8 charged Jerusalem Meron 11.2 1.6 3.3 Beersheba Kfar Blum Daphne 8.4 8.1 Deganya 5.2 Tirat Zvi Eilat 1.4 5.7

Total average annual precipitation amounts

Rosh Hanikra Nahariya 640 609 540 Tel Aviv Haifa Airport 571 524 478 collected Jerusalem Meron 932 Beersheba 204 553 627 Daphne Kfar Blum 524 Deganya 407 Tirat Zvi Eilat 32 274
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