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The Seasons
Record in israel
Fall in israel

Autumn begins in mid-September Unimshach until mid-November. The difference it is great, while at the beginning is still affected by the Persian trough the high sea temperature like summer weather.
Gradually during the autumn citrus rum subtropical plateau gradually disappears Persian influence of the bus. The ground taking the place of the Persian bus, another bus south - the end of the watercourse from thermal depression over Sudan. The location of the bus route from the Red Sea were a decisive factor in determining the weather in our region.
When Ken bus route goes west of our region hot and dry air with southeast winds - making our region Oriental torrid hot weather across the country including the coastal area. Winds intensified mainly eastern and northern mountains. Spirits which be called the "Sharqiya." Temperatures are in the extreme and they come higher values than in summer.
However when the bus route east of our region. We are affected by winds North Western - Western moderate to awake the relatively mild weather with lower temperatures during the summer.
In October, with the continued drama subtropical level may infiltrate our region cold rum primary channels. This is actually the rainy season in Israel. Nimsachat temperatures gradually decline throughout the fall and reaches its peak during the winter.
Pressure regime
Fall season beginning a regime characterized by pressures "summer" in the Persian channel still affects the region. Later Persian channel gives way to another channel south - the end watercourse. Which is also characterized by relatively low pressures region. During October and November and especially our region enters high pressure systems ( ridge) along the Red Sea and sinks channels Bromtrim northerners first. layers of high drama is a gradual and constant level of infiltration channels of subtropical cold rum (Polreim).
Distribution of the fall months
September is very similar to the summer season both temperatures and heat load throughout the country. The sea temperature is still at its peak and most mountain residents feel relief with the resulting increase in Hanuorsia gradually drama subtropical ridge.
October fickle, often hot and dry and sometimes wet and cold. The system that controls this month is the end of the watercourse and therefore great difference between one month to another. A month is considered a month where the rainy season begins. Lower average temperatures across the country by September.
November also is fickle though significantly lower temperatures in September and October. Sometimes it's hot and dry month than usual due to the continuation of water channel's influence is at times a winter for anything. Heat stress in this very rare and occurs mainly as a result many of unusually high temperatures is not such a high moisture summer months.
Rainfall season begins September Unimshachat end of May. The rainy season in September is rare in our region, usually it starts mid-October. Tifrucat precipitation intensity vary by region. This season the Red Sea which controls the channel region often occur in active weather events rather extreme south and east escorts lightning thunder and hail. Aheinm local rainfall usually cause floods may damage the Southern rivers. Sometimes these systems affect all regions of the country (water bus
End active). In mid-October penetrate sometimes causes depressions Bromtereime systems first winter in our region are characterized by strong rains, especially along the coast as a result of the warm North Sea. This trend also watch out in November.
Wave height
September is characterized by a relatively comfortable and warm sea, the sea temperature around 29-30 degrees and the seas ranged from 40-90 cm, following the fall greater difference. Events that most comfortable and quiet sea waves along the coast - waves back at sea (due to waking Eastern winds ). While sometimes piercing cold Bromtereime outlets Systems Preliminary bring sea waves - waves back region. The sea temperature gradually decreases in December to Lminmum winter.
In extreme events
1. October 1959 a cloudburst in the Caramel region dropped 61 mm of rain for 80 minutes.
2. October 1962 Chapter rain Andeerar between 70-10 in heavy rains across the country.
3. In October 1965 rainy and stormy.
4. October 1969 rainy, winds reached storm strength on 6 month from the east.
5. October 1979 a very rainy precipitation amounts 2-8 times the average.
6. October 1987 rainy and windy down 8-9 times the average in most regions of the country.
Climate change
Events in recent years fewer active channels of the Red Sea state of our country in the fall because summer was long and took over every September also delayed rainy season starts in recent years only in November and in extreme cases even more in early December. The month of October are becoming drier as in November. Today it is difficult to assess Is this a trend or an exception of several successive years, but have to check and note this phenomenon occurs more rarely in recent years.
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