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Week Forecast 8 Days Forecast To Cities In Israel

geographical coordinates of Israel 32.80N 35.53E
The annual average rainfall 1990-2010 393mm
Fahrenheit - Celsius
Last Update 1/8/2014        Afula-Megido altitude is 200m under sea level

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Heat load conditions throughout the country on a daily basis
Anticipated relative humidity percentage afternoon

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Climate Information for Afula and the Jezreel Valley
Afula is located at the center of the Jezreel Valley. The valley is bounded on the north by the Lower Galilee, on the west by the Carmel Mountains, and on the south by the Gilboa Mountains and the mountains of Samaria. The valley has a Medierranean climate, hot and muggy in the summer and cool to cold and rainy in the winter. The elevation of the valley ranges from 0-200 meters above sea level. About 480mm of rain fall in an average winter with most of the rain coming between December and February.
In Afula, the winters are cool to cold. Daytime highs are generally between 16-20C. Nighttime lows are generally around 7C. Frost is common especially when a Siberian High dominates the weather in our region. Snow is rare; it has fallen only a few times in the last 100 years. In 1950, snow fell in Afula, Upper Yokneam, the Yavniel Valley, and in the Hefer Valley.
The lowest temperature ever recorded in Afula was -5C and the highest temperature ever recorded was 44C. Summers are normally hot and humid. Normal summertime highs are in the 33-35C range. Summertime lows are generally around 22C. Humidity is 35-40%. Daytime heat stress is generally moderate to severe. Fog sometimes covers the valley in the hours close to dawn.
Every day an updated one-week forecast for Afula is available at www.israelweather.co.il. The forecast includes expected daytime and nighttime temperatures. The forecast for Afula is comparable to the forecast for the following areas: Merhavia, Migdal Haemek, Dovrat, Ein Harod, Balforia, Beit Hashita, Beit Alfa, Moledet, Lower Yokneam, Hazorea, and the Jezreel Valley generally.
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