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World Forecast
Daily Forecast updated to 27 destinations in Europe, USA, Canada, India, South America, Australia, South Africa You can receive monthly temperature averages in every destination and average precipitation amounts in each destination Bottom of the page yoy can get the latest forecast to 5 days in all over the world and climate information around the world

City Weather Max Tmp Min Tmp Annual Averages Average monthly precipitation m"m
Antalya ??? 30 24 31-19 10
Athens ??? 35 22 31-18 11
Boston ??? 29 14 25-15 72
Berlin ??? 24 13 22-12 69
Barcelona ??? 26 18 24-16 42
Bucharest ??? 34 18 27-14 77
Geneva ??? 24 16 22-11 77
Denver ??? 35 16 27-11 46
Washington ??? 33 21 29-19 86
Tokyo ??? 32 22 25-19 168
Toronto ??? 32 17 24-15 71
Houston ??? 31 26 33-22 94
San Francisco ??? 22 12 21-11 3
Los Angeles ??? 26 16 22-15 1
London ??? 22 20-12 50
Miami ??? 31 26 31-24 237
New Delhi ??? 45 34 39-28 68
New York ??? 27 19 25-16 93
Sydney ??? 17 17-9 130
Paris ??? 23 14 24-16 63
Budapest ??? 29 15 25-15 27
Rome ??? 34 18 26-16 16
Chicago ??? 34 23 26-14 96
Vancouver ??? 18 10 19-11 55
Bangkok ??? 37 28 33-26 180
New Jersey ??? 27 19 28-17 82

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International Weather and Climate Forecasts
Nowadays, when international travel is so well-developed and it is possible to reach every place on the planet, it is a good idea to plan your next overseas trip also from the standpoint of the weather forecast and climate of that location.
At www.israelweather.co.il you can get updated weather forecasts for many cities in the world. Precise forecasts are available through the auspices of many international and local weather services.
The world is divided into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. When it is winter in one hemisphere it is summer in the other. This alone may affect your travel plans.
There are five primary climate regions in the world. They begin at the equator and move north and south to the poles. As you read the short synopses of the climate regions, keep in mind that there are many local variations. Topography plays a large part in local climate and weather. In general, as elevation increases temperature decreases.

Equatorial Tropics
This region stretchers north and south from the equator until 10 north and south latitude. The weather in this region is hot and rainy in all months of the year. Most of the rain falls in the afternoon accompanied by thunderstorms. There are no real seasons in this region. Some locations with this climate are:
- Grenada and Ecuador. Daytime temperatures range from 24-27C. There is a dry season from January to May. Heat stress is generally moderate. Since 1950, Grenada has been struck by three hurricanes.
- India: the city Cherripunji. The high temperatures range from 23-31C. The dry season is from January to May. Heat stress is generally moderate. Annual precipitation is about 8000mm.
- The Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo. Daily highs range from 30-34C. It is rainy most of the year. Heat stress is moderate to severe. Annual precipitation is about 2000mm.
- The Ivory Coast: Abijan; Uganda:Kampala; Vietnam; Mozambique: Maputo; Venezuela: Caracas; Zaire: Kinshasa; Ethiopia: Addis Ababa; Nicaragua; Indonesia; Cambodia; Zimbabwe: Hariri; Thailand: Bangkok; Taiwan: Taipei; Micronesia; Brazil: Rio de Janeiro; Eastern Peru; and Northern Australia. In these areas the temperatures range from 30-40C. The rainy season runs from May to November. Heat stress is severe to extreme. Annual precipitation is about 2500mm.
- Bolivia: La Paz. Bolivia lies within the equatorial tropics yet, because of its elevation (4000 meters above sea level) temperatures are much cooler. Here the rainy season is from November to May.
- There are places on the east coast of the United States that have a climate similar to the equatorial tropics. These are mainly southern, coastal areas where winter temperatures are quite mild. Precipitation is about 1300mm per year.
- Florida

The Desert Belt
The desert belt stretches from 20-30 north and south latitude. The climate in this region is arid. The land is barren. Annual precipitation is commonly less than 200mm. Daytime temperatures are high but at night it is relatively cold. In Israel, the central and southern Negev, the Arava Plain, and Eilat are considered desert climates.
A desert climate can be found in: Egypt: Cairo; Algeria: Algiers; Morocco: Rabat (mainly in the center and south); Jordan; Saudi Arabia; parts of China; and, in the U.S.A, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Mediterranean Climate
This climate is found in two main parts of the world: around the Mediterranean Sea including Israel and in coastal southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego. The rainy season runs from October to May with most of the rain falling from December to February. Summers are hot and free of rain. This climate can be found in: Israel: Jerusalem; Lebanon: Beirut; Greece: Athens; Malta; Cyprus: Nicosia; and along the south California coast.

The Subtropics
The Mediterranean climate can also be designated as subtropical. The subtropical climate is characterized by relatively cold, wet winters with some snow and hot, dry summers. Here "dry" means without rain not without humidity. The subtopics range from 23.5-40 north and south latitude. This climate can be found in many locations in the world, among them: many locations in the United States; the Mediterranean coasts; Spain: Madrid; Italy: Rome; southern France: Marseilles; Slovenia: Lyubliana; Croatia: Zagreb; Albania: Tirana; southern Turkey: Anatolia; Crete; and Rhodes.

The Temperate Climate
The temperate climate is characterized by low temperatures. This climate is found between 40-60 north and south latitude. Winters are cold with much snow. Summer days are hot but the nights are relatively cool. Precipitation varies greatly, from 500mm per year to as many as 2000mm per year. The temperate climate can be found in the following places in the world: Turkey: Ankara; Romania: Bucharest; Hungary: Budapest; Russia: Moscow; France: Paris; Great Britain: London; Sweden: Stockholm; Switzerland: Bern; Austria: Vienna; Poland: Warsaw; Lithuania: Vilna; Denmark: Copenhagen; Bulgaria: Sofia; Holland: Amsterdam; Finland: Helsinki; Czech Republic: Prague; and many parts of China.
The central United States is also considered part of the temperate climate but at the extreme side of it. Summers are very hot from Utah to Illinois and from the Dakotas to Missouri. Summer highs can reach more than 40C. In contrast, winters are bitter cold with many days below freezing and seasonal lows as low as -40C.
The east coast of the United States, from New York to Washington is also temperate but at the other extreme. New York winters are cold and snowy but along the coast, summers are similar to the tropics.

The Polar Regions
These are the areas of almost perpetual cold. The region is from 60 north and south latitude. Ice covers the ground all or most of the year. Where there is a summer, it is short and mild. Alaska in the United States and Siberia in Russia are examples of this climate. Antarctica in the south is at the cold extreme of this climate.
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