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geographical coordinates of Israel 32.82N 34.99E
The annual average rainfall 1990-2010 18.5mm
Fahrenheit - Celsius
Last Update 5/8/2024        Eilat altitude is 60m above sea level

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Current weather in Eilat

Climate Information about Eilat
Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel. It abuts the Red Sea. The elevation of Eilat is generally about 10 meters above sea level. The climate of Eilat is desert and arid. Annual precipitation is generally only about 30mm. In the last two decades the climate has grown even drier and annual precipitation has been only about 15mm.
Average temperatures in Eilat are among the hottest in Israel. In July and August, the average daily high is 40-41C. During most of the summer, the heat stress is severe to extreme. Summer nights in Eilat are also hot with nighttime lows between 26-30C. There is heat stress in Eilat even at night in the summer, ranging from mild to moderate. The highest temperature ever recorded in Eilat was 47.4C on June 8, 1961 and the lowest temperature ever recorded was 0.9C in 1950. In 1950, the only two areas in Israel that didn't see snow were the Arava Plain and Eilat.
Winter temperatures are mild. Daytime highs range from 20-23C. Nighttime lows are on the cool side: 9-11C so a sweater or some warm clothing is advised.
Summertime relative humidity is very low. Daytime humidity ranges from 10-15% and nighttime humidity is usually about 35%
The winds in Eilat are unique. On most days of the year the winds are from the north-northeast. This is the main cause of the low relative humidity. Winds are generally moderate with some strong gusts. The exception to this phenomenon is the conditions in storms that come from the south during the transitional months of spring and autumn as desert low pressure cells move across Israel. At times there is very low pressure over the eastern Mediterranean which also changes the winds in Eilat. These storms make the Red Sea very wavy and the beaches of Eilat flood. Sometimes the wind brings tropical rain with an occasional thunderstorm and haze. A storm in Eilat endangers boats that are anchored in the port and tourists who come to Eilat throughout the year. Over 95% of the rain that falls in Eilat comes on these southern winds. During the transitional months, October and November, and also in the winter a low altitude Red Sea trough develops which brings humidity from the tropics northward. When the air in the higher altitudes is cool, the humid air condenses forming low altitude clouds which occasionally cause heavy rain to fall on Eilat. Nonetheless, the number of rain days in Eilat is low, usually fewer than ten.
Eilat experiences flooding at least once a year. The flooding may be caused by heavy rain that falls on the city itself. Alternatively, flooding may occur from rain that falls on the Edom Mountains or the Eilat Mountains. Flooding sometimes occurs on Highway 90 that runs from the Dead Sea to Eilat. Flooding on the highway causes the road to be closed. Flooding also closes the other route to Eilat, through the Negev. In November, 1991 Eilat was cut off from ground transportation for several days because of heavy flooding on the roadways.
A few words of caution are in order for all aficionados of desert floods. When starting out on a hike or trip in search of floods make sure you are fully aware of the local weather forecast and plan your trip accordingly. When the forecast says that there is a chance of floods do not choose a course through canyons, river beds (wadis), or within the river itself. Be sure that you are on safe, high ground from where you can watch the flood.
Eilat is bathed in sun throughout the year. Radiation in Eilat is among the highest and most dangerous in Israel. The UV index which measures the intensity of solar radiation is usually from 9-11 in the summer. On the beaches it can be higher yet because of reflection from the sea. In the winter, the radiation index is lower but still within the danger range.
Some advice for travelers:
Eilat is frequented by travelers from all over the world. All travelers in the area should
- Bring light clothing
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Drink a lot of water
- Wear a hat whenever you are in the sun
Heat stress in the summer is severe to extreme. Travelers and residents alike are advised to stay out of the sun as much as possible, to drink plentiful amounts of water, to stay in cool, air conditioned places during the greatest heat of the day, and to avoid excessive physical activity outdoors. The greatest heat stress begins in mid-afternoon and extends into the evening, from 14:00 to 19:00.
The water of the sea at Eilat is relatively cool. Even in the summer, the sea is no more than 26C. The sea is usually flat and comfortable for swimming. In the winter, the water temperature drops to 18C. Even then, the sea is comfortable for swimming. The sea turns wavy only in the transitional months with the approach of storm systems from the south.
The Eilat Mountains are a pleasant attraction for travelers. The mountains are 800-950 meters above sea level. Temperatures are 6-8C cooler than in Eilat. Nights in the mountains are cooler still. When hiking in the mountains, be sure to have warm clothing both in winter and in summer.
Another attraction of the area around Eilat is the bird migration in the spring and autumn. Every year, one half billion birds fly over Israel both in the spring as they fly to Europe and in the fall on their way to Africa. One of the routes the birds take is above Eilat and the Arava Plain. Birdwatchers can see thousands of birds flying overhead.
At www.israelweather.co.il you can find an updated daily forecast for the next week in Eilat. The forecast includes temperature forecasts for the day and the night. The forecast for Eilat is applicable to the following locations as well: Beer Ora, Yotvata, Timna, and the Sinai coast.
The weather along the coasts of Sinai is almost a perfect match to the weather in Eilat. Winds are from the north; temperatures are in the 30-40C range; and in the winter temperatures range from 8-20C. The mountains of Sinai are much colder than the coasts. At Santa Catarina, the highest peak in the Sinai, winter lows are at times below freezing. Travelers in the Sinai are advised to follow the same safety measures as for Eilat. If travelling in the high country of the Sinai, be sure to have suitable clothing.
Eilat Weather news - daily forecast by date
Eilat  News Weather on 31-7-12 warm sea in Eilat, sea temperature 27 degrees, 2 degrees higher than the average for the summer season.1
Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast for 18-7-12 forecast for today: unusually warm in Eilat. Record 47-degree heat in Eilat.2.
3.Weather in Eilat. On 2-6-12 weather today in Eilat hot and dry temperatures 39 degrees
4.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast for 18-4-12 weather hot and dry until noon with sandstorms, hazy and cloudy. In the evening a significant drop in temperatures 38-22 degrees.
5.Weather in Eilat. Date 30-1-12 rain in Eilat, in the morning it was raining in Eilat. Amount of rain that fell 1 mm. There is a chance of flooding in Eilat
6.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast for 15-2-12 unusually warm day. Weekend will be cool in Eilat. Today in Eilat 25 degrees. On weekends 19 Partly Cloudy.
7.Weather in Eilat. On 22-2-12 will be partly cloudy with a high clouds in Eilat
8.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast for 28-2-12 : In Eilat strong winds, trees collapsed in central Israel, dust storms raging in Eilat
9.Weather in Eilat. On 7-2-12 heavy mist all over the country. in Eilat Airport was closed due to heavy sandstorms. Severe air pollution all over the country
10.Weather Eilat. Daily Forecast for 2-3-12. Snow in the mountains of Eilat backed by 900 m, snowflakes fell on Friday on the Mount of Hezekiah. Cold night in Eilat 8 degrees.
11.Weather Eilat. Date 13-3-12 unusually warm, hazy day in Eilat 29 degrees
12.Weather Eilat. Daily Forecast for 14-3-12 heavy haze in Eilat with severe air pollution. Today temperature 25-15 degrees.
13.Eilat Weather Hawir.tarich 16-5-12 as a result of strong winds at a speed of 80 kph in the northern Negev and the south will rise "wall" of sand which covered the Negev and Eilat.
14.Weather Eilat. Daily Forecast for 24-5-12 sandstorm hit the Eilat from the afternoon into the evening and night.
15.Weather Eilat. Date 10-8-12 unusually warm temperatures 44-31 degrees in Eilat
16.Weather Hawir.thzit Eilat Daily News 20-2-11 sandstorms all over the country from Haifa to Eilat. in Eilat heavy haze and very poor visibility. Severe air pollution all over the country.
17.Weather in Eilat. Date 14-6-11 weather was crazy summer rain in northern and central Israel. Volcanic ash ejected from a volcano in Africa has spread to Eilat, in Eilat haze in the upper layers.
18.Weather in Eilat. 22-6-11 daily forecast heavy heat load in Eilat and southern Israel. in Eilat were measured at 40
19.Weather in Eilat. Date 7-10-11 forecast unusually warm Yom Kippur, in Eilat temp 34-23
20.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast 7-8-10 extreme heat stress in southern Israel. In Eilat 47 degrees
21.Weather in Eilat. Date 22-9-10 partly cloudy to cloudy in the afternoon rains accompanied by thunderstorms in the east. There is a chance floods rivers of the Dead Sea, the Arava and Eilat.
22.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast Weather 26-9-10 unusually warm Sukkot in Eilat. Temperature 39-27
23.Weather in Eilat. Date 14-11-10 weather warm and dry in winter. in Eilat 34-22 degrees. Clear and warm weather all over the country.
24.Weather in Eilat. 15-11-10 daily forecast tropical rain fell in the south from Beersheba to Eilat. Chance of flooding in Eilat and the Arava
25.Weather in Eilat. On 11-12-10 storm south of in Eilat. Strong southern winds brought flooding north coast.
26.Weather in Eilat. Daily forecast 21-8-10 hottest day this summer, 47 degrees in Eilat, extreme heat stress.
27.Weather in Eilat. Date 22-6-10 extreme heat wave in Eilat. Today measured in Eilat 46 degrees.
28.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast 9-1-10 Saturday in Eilat 29 degrees are expected during the day until 17 at night. The weather clear and dry.
29.Weather in Eilat. Date 18-1-10 Eilat roads were blocked due to flood, heavy rains fell throughout the Negev. in Eilat measured 14 mm. Highway 90 from Ein Gedi blocked. Sde Boker broken record with over 60 mm of rain.
30.Weather in Eilat. Daily Forecast 6-8-10 heat wave in Eilat 46
31.Weather Eilat. Date 11-12-10 rough seas along the coast of Eilat. Eilat's beaches were flooded. South winds are blowing strong.
32.Weather Eilat. Daily forecast 8-12-09 in Eilat still unusually cold temperatures 22-12 degrees today
33.Weather Eilat. Date 16-12-09: strong southern winds were blowing at noon in Eilat brought a huge wave that swept the coast according to vacationers.
34.News Weather Eilat. 24-10-08 daily forecast Rain in Eilat, the Dead Sea area flooding. Rain accompanied by thunder and lightning storms fell in Eilat, within an hour were measured about 2 mm of rain. Rain fell in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Highway 90 is blocked in the Ein Gedi.
35.Weather Eilat. Date 14-1-08 cold wave in Eilat, in Eilat night temperatures drop to 5 degrees.
36.Weather Eilat. 23-3-08 daily forecast heavy heat stress in Eilat 40 degrees
37.Weather Eilat. Date 15-5-08 Summer Rain City. in Eilat tropical weather temperatures 37-24 degrees.
38.Weather Eilat. Date 2-6-08 unusually warm day in Eilat 40 degrees.
39.Weather Eilat. 25-6-08 daily forecast in Eilat extremely hot 45 degrees
40.Weather Eilat. Date 29-10-08 Rain in the Dead Sea. Ein Gedi fell 21 mm of rain. in Eilat partly cloudy 29-19 degrees
41.Weather Eilat. 13-4-07 daily forecast heavy rain and hail in Eilat. Heavy rain accompanied by hail fell in Eilat this morning and brought flooding and flooding throughout the city. Many tourists who stayed at the beach hotel wake try to hail
42.Weather Eilat. Date 3-2-06 Winter City. In Jordan floods have caused flooding and major damage in Eilat and Kibbutz Eilot.
43.Weather Eilat. Daily Forecast 4-4-06 storm south of in Eilat. Winds 75 transceiver. The strong winds causing damage including the fall of trees, lampposts and injuring three people.
44.Weather Eilat. Date 24-3-03 storm damaged the Gulf of Eilat in three ships. Wave heights in the Gulf of Eilat came to 4 meters with winds of 45 kilometers per hour.
45.Weather Eilat. Daily Forecast for 31-10-02 first rain in Eilat, in Eilat two days of rain were measured 3 mm of rain.
46.Weather Eilat. Date 31-7-02 In the afternoon, very hot weather in Eilat when measured 48 degrees with 10 percent humidity. Extreme heat stress.
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