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geographical coordinates of Israel 31.25N 34.80E
The annual average rainfall 1990-2010 187mm
Fahrenheit - Celsius
Last Update 10/3/2024        Beer Sheva altitude is 300m above sea level

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Current weather in Beersheba

Climate Information for Beersheba and the Negev
Beersheba is in the Northern Negev, 280 meters above sea level. It has an arid climate. The northern Negev begins at the Kiryat Gat-Ashkelon line and runs south to Beersheba. Rainfall measures about 400mm per year but decreases rapidly as you move south. In Beersheba, annual rainfall is only 200mm. Most of the rain falls between December and February. There are few rain days in an average winter; most winter days are partly cloudy to clear.
This part of the Negev is characterized by short, heavy downpours with great variability from location to location and from year to year. There can be several consecutive years of drought and then one very rainy winter that makes up for the shortfall in all the years of drought. Winters are generally cold and dry.
There is a distinction between the rain that falls in the winter and the rain that falls in the transitional periods. In the transitional months our region is influenced by the Dead Sea Trough, a low pressure system from the south. The rain is characteristic of such a system: the moisture and the winds come from the south so most of the rain is in the south and east of Israel. The rain falls in downpours, accompanied by thunderstorms and occasional hail. Roads commonly flood and are closed to traffic. The Tzelim Bridge south of Beersheba is closed almost every year. The rains also cause flooding in the riverbeds of the Negev and the area around the Dead Sea. There is a risk of flooding at some time almost every year. Extreme weather occurs once every few years, especially in the fall. In October 1997 a heavy hailstorm hit Beersheba and caused much damage to property.
Winter rains in Beersheba are characterized by northwesterly winds that bring the rain to the Negev at the tail-end of a storm system. Snow is rare; it falls once in many years. The last time snow fell in Beersheba was in the winter of 1991-92 when the snow accumulated a few centimeters in the city and covered the sand in a carpet of white.
Winter high temperatures range from 16-19C and winter lows range from 6-8C. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Beersheba was -5C on January 31, 1895. The highest temperature ever recorded was 46C on June 13, 1933. Summer high temperatures are in the 32-35C range and lows are in the 20-22C range. Daytime humidity is about 25-30%. Heat stress is usually moderate to severe but can be extreme during heat waves.
Spring and autumn in Beersheba and the Northern Negev are characterized by desert lows that come from North Africa. In the Negev these systems bring much dust and sand in the air. Visibility is reduced greatly, sometimes to a few hundred meters.
Sandstorms can also occur in the winter when a rain-bearing low pressure system is developed near Cyprus. It sends strong northwest winds to Israel. Rain falls in the north and center of the country and the Negev experiences sandstorms.
Travelers in the region are advised to refer to the weather forecast every day. There is a danger of flash floods in the winter and of extreme heat stress in the summer. Summer also brings occasionally heavy fog in the early morning hours.
Every day an updated one-week forecast for Beersheba is available at www.israelweather.co.il. The forecast includes expected daytime and nighttime temperatures. The forecast for Beersheba is comparable to the forecast for the following areas: Ofakim, Rahat, Netivot, Omer, Ramat Hovev, Hatzerim, Lahavim, and Mishmar Hanegev. meteo Beer Sheva  
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